Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Happened Wednesday!

I am posting a What Happened Wednesday, in lieu of my usual Tidbit Tuesday. And I do apologize. Somehow, I did not realize until about 8:47 a.m. this morning that Tuesday had come and gone, and alas no post!

Here is my little tidbit...

On Monday, I noticed that my throat was a little sore, glands starting to swell. By Monday night, my bones had started to ache and my muscles were sore. Then, by Tuesday morning my sinuses were busy at work - I could tell that there was some external pathogen looking to take up residence in my body. Yet, I am not offering any rental lease for that space at the moment and decided that there was no way I was going to budge.

I chose not to declare war on the bug, because I find war tiring and I figure that opposition will get me nowhere here. Instead I was determined to, as peacefully as possible, live peacefully with the symptoms while I upped my intake of healthy foods, liquids and garlic ear drops. I had my mindset that we would, this little virus and I, come to a peaceful solution, whereas it would make its way back out into the air - disperse - and leave my personal residence in health.

I was also spending time meditating on where in my body exactly the bug was trying to settle in. As per usual, I was clear that the preferred locale was this little space behind my throat and nose - inbetween my sinuses and my throat. From there, I spent some efforts on evacutation planning. Strategy 1) out through my nose, strategy 2) out from my mouth.

And, lucky for me, I had an acupuncture appointment already on the calendar, which helped immensely. We have discussed the wei qi before; this is the type of qi which is dedicated to protecting us from external pathogens of any sort. My wei qi was activated and needed a little support, no doubt. Acupuncture is a great resource for boosting the power of the wei qi.

After my appointment, I came home and listened to my body - REST!!! REST RACHEL PLEASE! And so, with that, and a friendly reminder from my practitioner, rest I did. Today, my evacuation plan went into full effect. I was no longer sore upon waking and after a nice hot shower I felt a million times better.

Key takeaways:

  1. Check in with your body, where is the bug trying to take up residence? How can you support it moving out from the area?

  2. Be peaceful and take care of yourself. Pushing through it does not work.

  3. Check-in with the healers in your life who can help you best take care of yourself.

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