Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday: Tired like....wow.

There have been a few times. just a few, notably where I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a train or some other large form of transportation. And, for those of you out there who have actually been hit by transportation - I mean you no offense.

And, Saturday was one of those days. Following a super long day at the hospital where my family and I anxiously awaited the outcome of my Dad's open heart surgery followed by his recovery from anesthesia etc. (he is doing great, btw!), I got home and dragged myself into bed. I do not even know the time now looking back. In fact the entire weekend was a blur.

I don't even know what time my alarm went off on Saturday morning, or if I snoozed it. Seriously, a blur. I do know, though, that I recall that awful feeling - like I could barely move - as if I had a headache over my entire body. Somehow I managed to get out of bed and head back up to the hospital.

The fatigue continued despite getting to bed earlier Saturday night, napping on Sunday and going to bed early on Sunday evening. By Monday I was aware that I should no longer be driving my car and ended up hitching a ride with hubby back from the hospital and leaving my car at school overnight. I got home and took a 3 hour nap, waking to study, eat dinner, and then head back to bed. Finally this morning I woke up feeling somewhat "normal."

While I may or may not be swallowing, ignoring or burying my emotions about Dad's surgery...and while I was not eating super healthy for myself, and while I was actually sleeping quite a bit, I cannot make out quite much about the sheer exhaustion of it all. I have no eloquent learning about exactly why I felt so terribly tired. What I do know though is that sleep was needed, and sleep I got.

A friend of mine who has gone through this with her own Dad shared with me that, "yeah the feeling like you've been hit by a train...you don't know when or how it will hit, seems to come out of nowhere." Today, it hit my mom, so we put her to bed.

The moral of the story.... whether it's a major family event like a loved one's health or some other seemingly large or small life gig, when you feel like you've been bulled over by a bus and you recognize that visceral sense of tiredness - go to bed. Sleep as much as you need to. Coffee won't do it, it might pretend too, or prolong the effects, but sleep will find you. And its better to be safe, than sorry....cause that kind of fatigue can actually get you while you are driving your own transportation. And I am pretty sure that none of us want to cause someone else's feeling of being hit by a truck, bus, plane or train....right?!

Sweet dreams.

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